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  • Telecommuting to Higher Productivity

    Companies that did not offer employees a telecommuting option risk losing good candidates, experience reduced employee engagement & face growing retention issues. The benefits of telecommuting.

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  • BYOD – Time to Face Reality and Create Policy

    Eight “must haves” to include as part of your BYOD Policy in the employee handbook

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  • HCM solutions – Adding the Human Touch

    HR technology is an important tool for HR & Payroll management, but it cannot replace the human element that is so important in developing company culture, fostering happy and engaged employees or building your company brand among candidates.

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  • EMV – Killer Initiative Threatens Every Business

    The initiative can hardly be called a success. How many times do you see the chip slot taped over? Visa estimates that only 28% of the total merchant population in the U.S. supports chip payments currently. Worse still, chip transactions are taking twice as long as swipes, creating longer checkout times for the merchants (and consumers). Alternatives may make this short-lived

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