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  • WOW Service

  • Do More With Less

  • Be Honest, Candid, Open, and Forthcoming

  • Constantly expect more of yourself and those around you

  • Be an Optimist

  • Leave it on The Field

  • Love Community

  • Internalize Team

  • Embrace Change

The Bedrock for MassPay

Our Core Values Define MassPay And Who We Are As People And Community Members

MassPay values include Love Community
June 25, 2017 --- (Salem, MA) "Team Builder!" 26th Annual North Shore Medical Center's Walk for Cancer. MassPay employees and their families walked, representing our Fed Up With Cancer Team, rasing $24,971.

Core Values Are The Bedrock For MassPay

MassPay’s values are woven into our daily operations, starting from the top. Our executives and team members actively practice these values when they deal with prospects, clients, and partners each and every day.

Our values define who MassPay is, and who we are as people and community members. Our dedication to these values has translated to our reputation for personalized service, trust in our HR & Payroll experts, flexibility, proactiveness, and a drive to do what it takes to help our clients succeed.

These values have been the source of our success and are the bedrock of our company.