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Helping Construction Companies, Contractors & Tradesmen Gain Better Control Over Labor & Cash Flow

We understand your need to focus on labor hours and costs. Our HR and Payroll solution helps you accurately capture work hours, pay your employees accurately, maintain vital employee information like emergency contacts and injury/illness data, and track labor costs by job.

Our time and attendance solution offers many options to collect employee hours from job sites, including mobile punch.

Do you need insurance? We also offer business insurance, such as Workers Compensation, to meet all of your needs.



  • Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation coverage
  • Track labor costs by Job and/or Department
  • Seamless integration with time and attendance
  • Telepunch time tracking from job sites
  • Absence tracking (Sick, Vacation, Workers Comp)
  • Union reporting and tracking
  • Certified payroll reports
  • Detailed employee info (i.e. certifications, emergency contacts, OSHA and safety training, discipline)
  • Benefits administration 
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Employee asset management
  • Centralized database of HR forms
  • Garnishment Payment Service
  • Competitive Commercial Automobile insurance
  • Employment practices liability insurance



iSolved Payroll is a flexible product that offers a wide range of data collection options for collecting employee work hours, with department/job changes and break and meal times. 

Options include time clocks (badge & biometric), mobile punching, POS system integration, self-service punching, and on-line time sheets.