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Managing a Franchise Operation is Not Easy - And We Have the Solution For You!

You face many unique challenges in operating your franchise. If you have high turnover, you spend a great deal of time just interviewing, hiring, and onboarding your new employees.

You must also stay on top of minimum wage and other labor laws, track employee absences, and offer benefits to your full-time staff. The administrative burden of running a franchise is high - leaving little time to actually run the business.

MassPay can help — by providing a solution to help you streamline your recruiting, onboarding, and payroll processes, while making short work of collecting work hours, paying your employees accurately, keeping you in compliance, and providing a detailed database to track employee information like emergency contacts, training, property assigned, injuries and illnesses, and much more! 


Franchise Solutions/Services

  • Easy setup of each location
  • Location management (consolidation and drill down)
  • Ability to easily transfer and rehire employees
  • Payroll can integrate with your point of sale or time clocks for hours capture
  • Centralized employee information, performance reviews, certifications, I-9, and employee assets
  • Optional Applicant Tracking/Recruiting
  • New hire onboarding
  • Garnishment payment service
  • Pay-as-you-go workers compensation
  • State unemployment claims management
  • Attendance tracking and reporting
  • Benefits administration and Open Enrollment
  • Employee Self-service (ESS) to view pay stubs, request time off
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Optional HR Services



     HR/Payroll brochure for Franchise

iSolved Payroll is a flexible product that offers a wide range of data collection options for collecting employee work hours, with department/job changes and break and meal times. 

Options include time clocks (badge & biometric), mobile punching, POS system integration, self-service punching, and on-line time sheets.