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MassPay Is Your Advisor On HR & Payroll, Helping You Navigate U.S. Business & Labor Laws

Coming to the U.S. can be challenging...

We make sure you collect the right paperwork, file the right government forms, pay your U.S. employees accurately and stay in compliance with multiple layers of labor law.

For starters, there is a lot of paperwork, decisions on pay rates, benefits you should offer, compliance with federal, state, and local laws, how to go about hiring employees and where to find them, setting up payroll to accurately pay these employees, and the wide variety of taxes to set up. Suddenly, coming to America doesn’t seem that easy.

Any one of these issues could significantly delay the opening of your business, especially when you aren’t here to give it the attention and follow-up that is needed.

... but MassPay can help!

MassPay assists businesses coming to America by ensuring that the transition to the U.S. business scene is as smooth as possible.

MassPay does the administrative “heavy lifting” so that businesses coming to the U.S. can focus their energies on launching the new business and quickly becoming successful.

We’ll help you become a great employer – right from the start.

How we help businesses Coming to America

• Taxation setup (FUTA, etc.)
• Compensation and Benefit guidance – how much to pay, what benefits to offer
• Affordable Care Act — rules and reporting (if applicable)
MA sick time law (tracking, rules)
• Retirement plan set up (if offered)
Business Insurance (Worker’s Comp and business liability insurance)
• New Hire Kit — all the necessary forms/paperwork to hire and onboard staff
• Custom, non-discriminatory Job descriptions to attract qualified staff
• Guidance on hiring strategy and suggestions for sourcing new employees for your business
• Interview assistance (candidate screening, interview templates, interviewer training)
• Manager training on critical HR issues (i.e. sexual harassment, workplace conflicts)
• Provide the required workplace posters
• Key vendor recommendations (Banks, POS equipment, Benefit Brokers, Labor Attorneys)
• Development of your Employee Handbook (rules, codes of conduct, internal processes)
• On-going HR guidance and annual compliance audit
Payroll processing to pay your employees accurately; W-2 production for tax filing
Time & Attendance to capture employee work time
• Required documentation and digital storage
• Termination and Disciplinary guidance
Management training & coaching

We invite you to contact us for a confidential discussion to learn how we can help you successfully get your business up and running here.