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iSolved can provide critical data fro all roles in the companyCEO's Leverage the Power of the HCM Platform to Get the Answers They Need


The iSolved platform provides CEO's with an advanced HR technology platform to help them grow their company, ensure they stay in compliance with labor laws, monitor labor hours and costs for efficiency, and attract and develop a high performance team that will enable them to hit revenue targets.

Here's how the iSolved HR/Payroll platform addresses some of the top concerns among CEO's:

  • Finding and Attracting the Right Talent

Our Applicant Tracking module helps companies post jobs to both free and subscription job boards, collect applications, ranks canddiates, and fast forwards your recruiting process to achieve faster response times and lessen time to hire so that great candidates don't get away.   

Once you hire a candidate, electronic Onboarding lets new hires do all the paperwork before they step foot into the office on their first day - saving time and providing a better new hire experience. 

  • Leadership and Change Management

Performance Management helps identify your future leaders, and grooms them for succcess. Set goals, identify training and development needs, and monitor progress.

Dashboards, Reports and Metrics are sitting right there in the database. Turn your data into actions by montioring workforce trends, costs, and more!

  • Shifting Regulation and Legislation

The iSolved platform ensures that Federal, State, and Local laws are followed to reduce your risk of lawsuits and fines. This includes prevailing minimum wage rates for all locations, MA and CA sick time laws, recording of OSHA incidents, recording disciplinary actions (creates paper trail for terminations), recording and investigation of sexual harassment complaints, tracking pertinent certifications and licenses, and their expiration dates, employee training provided, and much more.

Other services like COBRA administration lift the burden on your HR & Payroll staff. This ensures that proper notification letters are sent out according to the law and that COBRA payments are collected. This service can further reduce company exposure to fines.

Our HR Services provides guidance and training/coaching for all employment matters. Our HR experts set up the proper infrastructure, perform HR audits, train and coach Managers on workplace conflict, harassment, and the questions they can't ask during an interview. We also help define workforce policies (i.e. company drug policy), review job descriptions for discrimination, and create/update the employee handbook to further reduce company risk & exposure.

‚ÄčThe iSolved platform is not just for HR & Payroll use - it provides critical data needed by CEO's to help them better understand their workforce, monitor labor costs and create the high performance leadership team they always dreamed about.


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