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Taking Care of CPA's - and Their Clients

CPA's and Bookkeepers know that customer service is a top priority for retaining clients and growing the business. 

We share a special, trusted relationship with our CPA partners. If you are comfortable with us, you'll more than likely recommend MassPay to your clients too. 

MassPay's offers a single HR/Payroll platform that will automate process, eliminate paper, and help manage the entire employee lifecycle - from recruiting and onboarding, to benefits administration and open enrollment, to performance reviews and retirement.

We focus on small to mid-sized companies who need a solution to lighten the administrative burden of HR and Payroll, and navigate a complex world of new laws and compliance.

Combined with our HR and Payroll expertise, MassPay delivers the technology, service, and compliance you (and your clients) need to navigate the business landscape so that you can focus on growing the business.


         HR Services (ASO) brochure