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Hiring Manager - New GuyHelping Hiring Managers Create a Positive New Hire Experience

Studies show that a positive new hire experience has a strong correlation with overall retention. With the high cost of turnover, and a tight labor pool, it is imperative that the new hire experience is an overwhelming positive one for your new employee.

How can the iSolved HR & Payroll platform help you with that? In lots of ways!

Speed up the hiring process, respond to candidates faster, and provide timely communications to set the stage for a progressive, responsive company pre-hire

Let the new hire fill out all of the initial paperwork online, before their first day, so they don't need to spend hours on the first day filling out forms. 

If you offer benefits, then Open Enrollment will save you time, eliminate paperwork, and allow the employee to review, discuss, and select benefit plans with a significant other from the comfort of their home.

Putting information at the employee's fingertips provides a faster, better response than having them ask a question and waiting for a repsonse from a busy HR or Payroll department. Sometimes it's a simple request, like a copy of their latest pay stub for a loan application, requesting a day off, viewing vacation balances, or making an address change - so why make them go through hoops? Empower your employees! 

Most employees now have smartphones and are on the go. Why not show them you are a progressive company that can keep up with them?   

iSolved HCM can help you create a positive work experience - and streamline process, so that you can focus on the new hire, their job, and training, so they'll be successful.

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate paper for all HR/Payroll processes 
  • Keep all employee information online & readily available in one place
  • Allow employees to review pay stubs, PTO balances, and request days off - without your involvement
  • Easily generate reports for the CEO on headcount, labor costs, projected payroll, and more
  • Allow employees to select their benefits online, using Open Enrollment and eliminate paper
  • Upon an employee termination, easily review assigned property, vacation payout, and generate a final check 
  • Permit new hires to fill out all of the required paperwork - online - before they start 
  • Get advice and help from our HR experts on employment issues, handbook, compliance, training, and more 

Benefits of iSolved

  • Significantly reduce/eliminate new hire paperwork
  • All employee information is online and readily available
  • Employees can review pay stubs, PTO balances, and request days off - without your involvement
  • Employees select their benefits online, using Open Enrollment and eliminate paper
  • new hires fill out all of the required paperwork, online, before they start