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Helping Payroll Managers Breathe Easier

MassPay’s powerful web-based payroll solution is designed to help busy Payroll Managers and Supervisors streamline the entire payroll process, while enhancing flexibility, security, and control.

iSolved enables you to maintain control of your payroll services, while providing the ultimate in convenience with 24/7 web-based access and in-depth reporting, optional GL interface and more!

iSolved Payroll offers:

  • Electronic transfer of payroll data via the Internet
  • Control of your payroll data, while utilizing our payroll expertise
  • Live checks, direct deposit, pay cards, and payroll reports
  • Pre-reports to verify totals before committing payroll 
  • Secure solution that is completely automated
  • Ease of use: On-line wizards walk you through the process
  • Fast and Accurate: Rapid data entry screen for basic pay
  • Integrated Time & Attendance option using electronic timesheets, clocks, or mobile punching


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iSolved Payroll is a flexible product that offers a wide range of data collection options for collecting employee work hours, with department/job changes and break and meal times. 

Options include time clocks (badge & biometric), mobile punching, POS system integration, self-service punching, and on-line time sheets.