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Helping Benefit Brokers Provide More Value

You’ve seen the news and headlines. The benefits/broker market is rapidly changing, with new players coming on the scene and disruptive companies offering benefits under the illusion of free software.

It’s all very confusing … and alluring to your clients; Many are at least giving these new players a chance to pitch.

The problem is, these new players don’t know the benefits business like you do, nor do they provide the level of service and support that you provide to your clients. That’s worth a lot, and perhaps your clients don’t realize this.

Many of the benefit brokers we’ve talked with have already lost a BOR to these new competitors and feel their client base is at great risk. Do you feel the same?

How MassPay Helps Benefit Brokers

MassPay is not in the business of providing benefits to your clients. We don’t take your BOR and won’t take your clients away. We help you retain your client base.

As part of our iSolved solution, we load your specific benefit plans so that clients can administer those benefits, run open enrollment, and allow their employees to make life event changes.

We recognize that brokers are the experts on benefits, so we leave that to you.

By working with MassPay, and recommending us to your clients, you build a much stronger case for clients to stay with you.

  • Add value to what you offer through the iSolved* cloud-based HR & Payroll solution
  • Remain competitive – your service plus leading HR/Payroll software = better combination for clients
  • Allows you to focus on what you do best – service clients; design and recommend plans
  • Gain access to MassPay’s HR/Payroll experts for any questions on labor laws and regulations
  • Let us take care of ACA reporting and filing via iSolved for your larger clients (50+ FTE’s)
  • Leverage our intuitive Broker Workbench, which provides portal access to client data

….. and much more

About the Product Benefit Brokers Are Recommending

iSolved HCM tracks detailed employee information, administers employee benefits, calculates work hours and PTO, accurately processes payroll, offers employee self-service for open enrollment, life events, and other functions, and keeps businesses in compliance with the ACA, all required reporting/filing, and other rules and regulations, such as MA sick time.

How Benefit Brokers Work With MassPay

We are experts in HR & Payroll and offer a complete cloud-based solution called iSolved to meet all of your clients’ needs. Our solution scales and grows as their business grows, helping them streamline operations, reduce administrative overhead and paperwork, and ensure compliance with labor laws.

Combined with MassPay’s professional, responsive (WOW) customer support, you can rest assured that your clients will be well taken care of, regardless of company size. Your clients will not be a number with MassPay.

Benefit Brokers will have access to the iSolved Broker Workbench, an on-line portal where you can review your client’s data anytime you need to run a current census, review enrollments, and other data (client approval needed of course).

MassPay would like to work with Benefit Brokers to help you offer greater value and retain your client relationships.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you partner for success.