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CSR Program Benefits the Community and Company

Love community - CSR programs have many benefits

What is CSR and a CSR Program?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has moved from buzzword to actual practice for good reason – job candidates increasingly care about it! Applicants review Glassdoor ratings to see what others say about company management, but they also look at your website and social media channels for evidence that your company also cares about society at large through a defined CSR program.

What a CSR program means to the outside world

Why do candidates care?  CSR programs mean your company is more than just business – that helping others is important as well. To the job seeker, your CSR activities “imply” a better overall work environment because you take a more worldly view, care for others, and have team members that share the same values and interests in supporting the communities where they live and work. See 3 Reasons Why Job Seekers Find Your Organization’s CSR Attractive

Company culture is now an important factor in the companies that job seekers will apply to, especially for Millennials. See Perceptions, Millennials and CSR

With the talent war in full play, especially for STEM jobs, companies would be wise to assess their CSR activities, create a CSR strategy, and ensure they make those activities visible among social media channels and their web site to attract top talent.

CSR program activities can generate a lot of attention

Do you remember last summer’s ALS Ice bucket challenge? Our video quickly became the highest liked, viewed, and shared post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ in our company histor,y and led to an increase in visitors to our careers page (even now).

Other benefits of a CSR program

Besides attracting job candidates, a CSR program can drive many other benefits, many of which can be quantified:

  • Greater employee retention
  • Greater client retention (especially if you get clients involved)
  • Higher employee engagement levels
  • Lower employee stress
  • Increased co-worker friendships and bonding
  • Improved company awareness and branding
  • Increased skill building and productivity
  • Potentially higher volumes of applicants/leads/sales

Is there a downside for a CSR program – No!

There really is no losing with a CSR program – and everything to gain. If you don’t have one, what’s your excuse?

MassPay’s CSR program

As MassPay, we are passionate about servicing our clients, while supporting the surrounding community. In addition to our own non-profit that supports cancer research and prevention, we support many non-profit organizations that are doing great things to support our community.

Here are some of the many organizations we actively support using company resources and team members:

Each of our team members has been touched by cancer in some way – themselves, a parent, spouse, sibling or friend. MassPay has created a non-profit called Fed Up With Cancer that hosts events throughout the year to raise money for the North Shore Cancer Center. To date, we’ve raised over $350,000 through a Cancer WALK, Trivia Night, Virtual Golf Tournament, and Taste of the North Shore.

If you don’t already have a CSR program in place, it’s time to start one. Take a look around in your community – there is no shortage of organizations that need your help.

Please see our community page for a list of other organizations we support.