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Benefits Administration and Open Enrollment Made Simple -- With a Single System!

Benefits like Health insurance, Vision, Dental, Life, STD, LTD, FSA/HSA, Transportation, and 401k can all be set up and administered within the iSolved platform. If applicable, the system can also do all of your ACA reporting and filing too!

You have the flexibility to choose your own broker and insurance providers so that you meet the needs of your employees.

Plan specifics are configured within the platform, along with all associated eligibility requirements, plan rates, employer/employee splits, probation periods, coverage levels, and other rules.

Why not automate the whole process with Open Enrollment, which allows your employees to review and select their benefit options using Self-Service

The open enrollment function can actually shorten your enrollment window.


  • Choose your own preferred insurance providers
  • Unlimited Benefit Plans & Types of Benefits
  • Plan summaries & details are readily accessible to help with selection
  • Elect benefits online with Open Enrollment - even from Home!
  • Plan selection can be part of the Onboarding process
  • Life event changes via ESS
  • Schedule email alerts
  • Monitor progress of employee enrollments
  • Data is more accurate; Fewer corrections needed