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Carrier Connects Prevent Wasted Premium Dollars From Delayed Status Changes

When an employee leaves, or makes a life event change, a form is typically filled out and the employee record is updated. HR/Payroll then logs into each insurance provider and inactivates the employee or updates the life event change.

The list of logins can be lengthy -- the health insurance provider, vision and dental providers, Workers's Comp provider, perhaps even a carrier for STD and LTD, the 401k plan, a Transportation pass, or carriers for other benefits offered.

Updating individual carriers takes a lot of time & effort - and failure to do so in a timely manner can cost you thousands!

We've seen far too many cases where updating these providers lags behind, often by several months. That means your company is spending money on a benefit that is no longer used.

We've got a solution for that - it's called Carrier Connects.

These automated connections push employee status changes directly to each carrier via electronic transmission, saving you the time and effort, and the wasted expense of a time lag. 

Acceptance of automated carrier feeds are dependent on the carrier and size of your organization (i.e. 100 or more employees typically) and additional charges apply. 

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