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Help employees meet rising health insurance deductibles with a FSA or HSA Plan

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or Health Savings Account (HSA), is an employer-sponsored benefit plan that allows your employees to have money deducted from their pay on a pre-tax basis.

Funds are then used for the reimbursement of qualified medical expenses.

This is a highly impactful benefit that can significantly help your employees meeting rising health insurance deductibles, as well as help them pay for pharmacy and dental expenses.

Funds can be easily deducted within iSolved Payroll and are administered by Infinisource Benefit Services. There's even a mobile app that allows employees to upload receipts, check the status of claims and more! It's fast and easy.  


  • Lessen your tax burden - pay fewer corporate taxes
  • Healthcare elections funded 100% up front - available to employees from day one of the plan year
  • Set up as a pre-tax deduction
  • Typical tax savings to employee of 30%
  • Can be used for expenses related to:
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Post deductible expenses
  • Pharmacy
  • Office co-pays

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