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A Human Capital Management System To Run Your Business

Small and mid-sized businesses face a challenging environment in dealing with managing employees, staying in compliance with laws on healthcare, wages, sick leave, and injuries, plus completing and storing the paperwork associated with monitoring and reporting on these rules.

Managing HR and Payroll is more than a full time job, and iSolved HCM can do the heavy lifting to ease your administrative burden and give you time to focus on strategic HR initiatives.

iSolved HCM is a complete, cloud-based Human Capital Management platform. It is designed to streamline process, keep you in compliance with ACA, minimum wage hikes, and other laws, provide powerful reporting so that you can make faster business decisions, and help you optimize your workforce so that you can focus on growing your business.

Capabilities range from Core HR functionality to get started or leverage the full HCM platform - all under one system.

Core HR vs Full HCM

Full HCM functions

Core HR



iSolved Payroll is a flexible product that offers a wide range of data collection options for collecting employee work hours, with department/job changes and break and meal times. 

Options include time clocks (badge & biometric), mobile punching, POS system integration, self-service punching, and on-line time sheets.