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Onboarding Made Simple - Before The First Day!

The first day for new employees is often spent filling out a mound of paperwork. That's not terribly productive for them or your managers. It doesn't have to be that way. Let electronic Onboarding save the day.

You can now implement a paperless new hire onboarding process, part of our iSolved product suite, which notifies the new employee before their start date and walks them through all of the required forms online.

It's fast - and efficient - and a way to provide a better employee experience.

Onboarding saves time, ensures greater data accuracy, and maintains an electronic version of each document for future reference (i.e. federal & state tax withholding forms, I-9 form, employee handbook distributon & acknowledgement, social media policy). 

Doesn't that sound like a better first day to you?

Features & Benefits

•    Manage onboarding and compliance in one place

•    Avoid bottlenecks and improve efficiency

•    Workflow automation to collect all forms

•    Electronic signatures

•    Built-in I-9 and E-Verify tools

•    Work Opportunity Tax Credits data collection

•    Creates a more positive first day experience!



Onboarding is often confused with Open Enrollment, but these are two very distinct processes, each of which can be automated using iSolved HCM and Self-Service.

Onboarding is the process of collecting relevant information from a person that will be joining your company, prior to stepping foot on the premises. It is done online, via the internet, from an email invitation sent by you through iSolved. The information collected could include things like emergency contact information, I-9 information, Tax & Withholding info, acknowledgement of the Employee Handbook, etc. Onboarding is used to to eliminate the "paperwork" session on the employee's first day.

Open enrollment is also done online, via the internet, by a new hire or current employees, upon an email notification. This product differs from Onboarding in that it is used to select benefit plans that you offer, such as health insurance, vision, dental, and 401k plans. The Benefits and related information they see are dictated by your eligibility rules, probation periods, employer/employee cost splits, etc. 

Both are great services to add to your iSolved HCM platform to save time, ensure greater accuracy, and provide a more positive experience to employees.